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PXLFORGE 2008 Redesign

Even though I’ve decided to take advantage of the built in aspects of WordPress and transform this portfolio using their blogging software, the last incarnation of this site (which I built from scratch using Flash) is still available online.

2008 PXLFORGE redesign

TART Collections UPDATE and site facelift 2009

This year TART decided to mix things up a bit. They wanted to lose the horizontal lines and shape elements that have been the foundation of the layout. They never want to spring for a whole new site design so these kind of requests are a way to make the site look new and different, but you cannot just take out of a foundation without adjusting something else if you expetc things to remain standing, so I worked with some of the patterns they provided for this season and came up with an elegant solution that gave them a new look at the cost of an update.

TART Collections UPDATE and site facelift 2009

PXLFORGE 2006 Redesign

While you enjoy the new incarnation, the version of my portfolio that went live in 2006 will remain available online here.

TART Collections UPDATE and site resize 2008

This time around the TART update was a bit more complicated. They decided to upsize the live area. Now these files WERE in Flash so resizing is possible. But it was a fair amount of work to do the math, calculating all the new specs, resizing all the individual FLAs to match and the reassembling it with HTML. But it ended up a fairly seamless color / coltent update and site resize.

TART Collections UPDATE and site resize 2008

TART Collections UPDATE 2007

I’ve updated the TART website. The design was planned with updatability in mind so the general color update wasn’t to much of a problem once we’d decided upon a color scheme. The gallery updates aren’t that time consuming – mostly repetitive Photoshopping and the a lot op updating FLAs, but I’m pretty damn fast. (NOTE this version has since been replace online – linked version is hosted at PXLFORGE)

TART Collections UPDATE 2007

TART Collections redesign 2006

I have designed a few different sites for TART over the past few years. Here is the latest which was planned with ease of updatability and customization for future upgrades in mind. (NOTE this version has since been replace online – linked version is hosted at PXLFORGE)

TART Collections 2006

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Landing back in San Francisco in 1994, graphic designer Sean Brennan, immediately went native and started his own design studio: PXLFORGE. As a graphic artist with years of experience designing for media platforms ranging from print and the www to DVD interface and 3D product design, Sean and PXLFORGE handle projects large and small.

Recently Sean's work has been seen all over bus stops and bulletin boards in San Francisco's Castro in the form of ads, posters and logo designs for TRIGGER, Comedy in the Castro, Buddies with Benefits, Forward March, ACTIVATE! AsiaSF, the New BOC - Bar on Church and Lord Martine Global.

Sean was the designer of PALz - a line of block-figure toys from the now defunct Palisades Toys based on popular Fox properties Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the X-Files. He also worked as a production artist on the 900+ screens of the deluxe Lord of the Rings trilogy DVD collection.