Here is the promotional flier for the 2012 Exclusive VIP PRIDE Pass – as designed by pxlforge. Long story short (as i guess – no one gave me full details) – a designer had arranged to donate their services, but flaked, so I was asked to step in – which I did gladly because it is a fun project and honestly – to me – such a huge honor just to be asked. I designed two full page ads, which led to the actual design for the VIP Pass promotional flyer seen below, as well as a few promotional posters you may see while out and about om PRIDE weekend and a number of additional designs. The “exclusive” VIP pass perks are definitely worth it if you have the means – so I’d recommend checking it out.

2012 Exclusive VIP Pride Pass 2012 Exclusive VIP Pride Pass

So if you want to experience San Francisco PRIDE without the hassle of the hot n sweaty hunks in line, pick up a VIP pass of your own and I’ll see you there. I’ll post a few more hot images after the event at HnH.