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FAST FWD – DJ Keith Kraft, Nikita and Joseph Lee

DJ Joseph Lee asked me to create the following poster and mini square business card sized flyer. It was a rush job and there wasn’t an actual logo so I used the symbols from a classic Fast Forward DVD/VCR button.

DJ Keith Kraft, Nikita and Joseph Lee's @ FAST FWD - Sunday July 31

I wanted something that felt BOLD and Iconic, but still remained quite legible – even in all caps.

DJ Keith Kraft, Nikita and Joseph Lee's @ FAST FWD - Sunday July 31

ACTIVATE! Re-Ignites February 25th!

PXLFORGE (still me) was approached to help relaunch an event I did all the artwork for back in 2008… ACTIVATE! Reignites Friday February 25th. We asked the French duo known as if we could use their Superlover series in the ads and they said yes! so we ended up with the kick ass Slicked Up looking piece below.

Check out the full series at

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Landing back in San Francisco in 1994, graphic designer Sean Brennan, immediately went native and started his own design studio: PXLFORGE. As a graphic artist with years of experience designing for media platforms ranging from print and the www to DVD interface and 3D product design, Sean and PXLFORGE handle projects large and small.

Recently Sean's work has been seen all over bus stops and bulletin boards in San Francisco's Castro in the form of ads, posters and logo designs for TRIGGER, Comedy in the Castro, Buddies with Benefits, Forward March, ACTIVATE! AsiaSF, the New BOC - Bar on Church and Lord Martine Global.

Sean was the designer of PALz - a line of block-figure toys from the now defunct Palisades Toys based on popular Fox properties Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the X-Files. He also worked as a production artist on the 900+ screens of the deluxe Lord of the Rings trilogy DVD collection.