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Sasha Soprano presents… PRIVILEGED

Recurring client Sasha Soprano asked me to create a visual identity for her newest event. She’s starting a weekly Friday night LGBT club for the 18 and up crowd – launching Nov 4th. We wanted something that felt elegant, ornate and opulent without getting stodgy. After creating the logo I worked up a 2 page flyer and then combined both sides into the double page layout below.

Jon Gray for San Francisco Sheriff

Official PLAYBOY Halloween 2011 Mansion Madness

Sasha Soprano asked me to come up with a flyer an Official Playboy Halloween party being held on October 29th at Mist Ultra Club (where she’ll be holding Privileged).

Official PLAYBOY Halloween 2011 Mansion Madness

Macy’s Passport presents GLAMORAMA ARTRAGEOUS

I was asked by event host ASIA SF to whip up a quickie flyer for Macy’s Passport’ after afterparty – GLAMORAMA ARTRAGEOUS. The real challenge was coming up with something that worked with BOTH logos.


FAST FWD – DJ Keith Kraft, Nikita and Joseph Lee

DJ Joseph Lee asked me to create the following poster and mini square business card sized flyer. It was a rush job and there wasn’t an actual logo so I used the symbols from a classic Fast Forward DVD/VCR button.

DJ Keith Kraft, Nikita and Joseph Lee's @ FAST FWD - Sunday July 31

I wanted something that felt BOLD and Iconic, but still remained quite legible – even in all caps.

DJ Keith Kraft, Nikita and Joseph Lee's @ FAST FWD - Sunday July 31

Jon Gray for Last Sheriff of San Francisco

I created a logo, posters, and was near completion on a website for former Sheriff Deputy Jon Gray’s campaign for Last Sheriff of San Francisco. He was running under the idea of merging the San Francisco Sheriff Department with the SFPD and save the city over 100 million dollars. The client wanted the logo to reflect his experience and capitalize on the SF Giants Orange and Black – so I went with a the badge seen below.

Jon Gray for San Francisco Sheriff

Unfortunately the way the race was shaking down, the candidate felt he wasn’t going to be one of the frontrunners and chose to bow out rather than put a lot of effort into something he couldn’t win.

Jon Gray for San Francisco Sheriff

Which is too bad. I read a lot of his platform and it definitely had merit. Too much is run with an “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” attitude. Just because something has been done one way forever, doesn’t mean there isn’t a BETTER way.

Jon Gray for San Francisco Sheriff

PXLFORGE shows San Francisco PRIDE with VIP Pass design

Here is the promotional flier for the 2012 Exclusive VIP PRIDE Pass – as designed by pxlforge. Long story short (as i guess – no one gave me full details) – a designer had arranged to donate their services, but flaked, so I was asked to step in – which I did gladly because it is a fun project and honestly – to me – such a huge honor just to be asked. I designed two full page ads, which led to the actual design for the VIP Pass promotional flyer seen below, as well as a few promotional posters you may see while out and about om PRIDE weekend and a number of additional designs. The “exclusive” VIP pass perks are definitely worth it if you have the means – so I’d recommend checking it out.

2012 Exclusive VIP Pride Pass 2012 Exclusive VIP Pride Pass

So if you want to experience San Francisco PRIDE without the hassle of the hot n sweaty hunks in line, pick up a VIP pass of your own and I’ll see you there. I’ll post a few more hot images after the event at HnH.

PXLFORGE takes the Buddies With Benefits to the beach in 2012

The time has arrived again for the annual Buddies With Benefits Calendar (available at the Castro Street Fair)!!! The 2012 Calendar will be our first swimsuit edition and will sport 12 hot shots from photographer Barry Muniz and Stylist Christian Owen. I was on set for the shoot in order to ensure the raw material would work so I could use my own magic to transport the boys from the HotHouse studios (more on that later) to an idyllic San Francisco Golden Gate bridge beach scene.

Buddies With Benefits 2 sided San Francisco PRIDE Year at-a-glance Calendar Buddies With Benefits 2 sided San Francisco PRIDE Year at-a-glance Calendar

This flyer will be distributed during 2011 PRIDE so be sure to pick one up! I’ll post more on the 2012 BwB Calendar as I get new info. Stay tuned to see who get’s what month…

HeroesNHunks @ TRUCK WonderCon Weekend April 2nd! is proud to present the poster for the first ever HeroesNHunks Super Hero Party – San Francisco Saturday April 2nd at Truck (1900 Folsom @ 15th during WonderCon, Northern California’s largest Comic Book and Fantasy Media Convention.

HeroesNHunks 2011 - The Poster!

Poster design by ME – Model: Gui Wandresen.
Image art direction and photography:

As part of TRUCK’s participation in the event, A portion of sales of selected cocktails will go to help Hope to see you there!

ACTIVATE! Re-Ignites February 25th!

PXLFORGE (still me) was approached to help relaunch an event I did all the artwork for back in 2008… ACTIVATE! Reignites Friday February 25th. We asked the French duo known as if we could use their Superlover series in the ads and they said yes! so we ended up with the kick ass Slicked Up looking piece below.

Check out the full series at

BAR ONE announces month-long San Francisco Benefit for The Trevor Project

I’ve been lucky enough to be asked to work on the publicity campaign for BAR ONE a San Francisco based month-long event to benefit The Trevor Project. Here are a 1 page and 2 page pieces to be published in GLOSS magazine. I’m both proud and excited to be a part of this project.

BAR ONE is a collective endeavor of San Francisco bars and restaurants uniting to focus on anti-bullying and to benefit The Trevor Project, the leading national organization focused on an crisis and suicide prevention efforts for the LGBTQ community. Please visit: for more information. The Trevor Project’s Lifeline is 866-4-U-TREVOR (866-488-7386).

ONE DOLLAR from every featured BAR ONE Ketel One Vodka premium cocktails (Ketel One Citroen Lemon Drop and the Ketel One Oranje Cosmo – where available) will be donated to The Trevor Project directly from the participating establishments – including: ASIASF, BADLANDS, The CAFÉ, CATCH, The EDGE, The ENDUP, LIME, LOOKOUT, MARTUNI’S, MIDNIGHT SUN, The MIX, Q BAR, TOAD HALL, TRIGGER, TRUCK and TWIN PEAKS.

GLOSS Magazine 2 page advertisement announcing the BAR ONE benefit GLOSS Magazine advertisement announcing the BAR ONE benefit

Beginning Friday, February 25, Round ONE of BAR ONE will run for 6 weeks – through Sunday, April 3, 2011. Future rounds of BAR ONE, such as the one planned for approximately six weeks during PRIDE season (Friday, May 20th through Monday, July 4) hope to add additional accounts and feature different seasonal cocktails.

Launch weekend will kicks off Friday, February 25 10PM at BADLANDS, 11PM at TRIGGER. and pick up again 10AM Sunday Morning for Brunch at LIME and then to LOOKOUT at 4PM.

Friday, March 4 Trevor Project supporters will mobilize for a Castro BAR ONE BAR CRAWL, which will visit all participating Castro venues. We invite the public to join us starting at BADLANDS at 6 PM. Participants will visit Castro bars in this order: BADLANDS; The EDGE (4149 18th and Collingwood); TOAD HALL (4146 18th Street near Castro); MIDNIGHT SUN (4067 18th Street near Castro); The MIX (4086 18th Street near Castro); QBAR (456 Castro Street); TWIN PEAKS TAVERN (401 Castro Street), The CAFÉ (2369 Market Street near Castro); CATCH (2362 Market); TRIGGER; LIME; then MARTUNI’S (4 Valencia Street at Market).

The benefit will celebrate the end of Round One with another whirlwind of boys and booze beginning Friday, April 1, 9 PM at The ENDUP (401 6th Street at Harrison), continuing Saturday night at 9 PM at TRUCK Bar (1900 Folsom at 15th) and finally culminating Sunday, April 3, 7 PM, with the BAR ONE round ONE, closing party 7 PM at ASIASF (201 9th Street at Howard). For dinner reservations please call: 415-255-ASIA (2742).

TRIGGER Christmas 2010

CheerSF Presents… BACK TUCK: A high-spirited drag extravaganza

Drag Queens of Comedy

The always elegant and uproariously funny Sasha Soprano has asked me to update the Comedy in the Castro campaign I created for her in 2009 for her upcoming October 9 2010 event – Drag Queens of Comedy!

Producer and celebutante SASHA SOPRANO who presented COMEDY IN THE CASTRO in 2009 returns to the Castro Theatre in SF with DRAG QUEENS OF COMEDY an exciting new live showcase of comedians, TV personalities and Bay Area drag talent. Politically incorrect humor will be on the menu this evening, so fasten your seat belts. The uproarious line-up of DRAG QUEENS OF COMEDY features drag-royalty superstars including: MISS COCO PERU from the hit films GIRLS WILL BE GIRLS and TRICK; JACKIE BEAT a Drag luminary from stage & screen with razor-sharp comedic timing; SHANGELA from RUPAUL’S DRAG RACE and winner of the 2010 California Entertainer of the Year Pageant; LADY BUNNY the multi-talented drag artiste, comedienne, emcee, singer, songwriter, actress, DJ, and the founder, organizer, and hostess of Wigstock; HEKLINA the Mistress of Trannyshack – now a global phenomenon which originated in San Francisco.

Sasha Soprano presents Drag Queens of Comedy

The entire evening is produced and hosted by the stunningly beautiful and acerbic SASHA SOPRANO. DRAG QUEENS OF COMEDY is on Saturday, OCTOBER 9, 2010 at 10:30 pm. ONE NIGHT ONLY!! Tickets are $35 advance / $45 door – general admission, available online or you may call 415/ 254- 3362 The Castro Theatre is located at 429 Castro Street in San Francisco, 94114.

Buddies With Benefits 2010 – Promotional Card

Buddies With Benefits 2010 - Promotional Card

To design this promotional card for the 2010 Buddies With Benefits Calendar (sponsored by Lord Martine and Bud Light), I took the group shot provided by photographer Barry Muniz and did a bit of Photoshop magic to extend the industrial background up far enough behind the red scaffolding to make room for our logo.

Buddies With Benefits Model Search 2011 BEGINS!

It’s nearing Summer 2010 so the time has come to search anew for 12 studs hot enough to admire all month long. The annual Buddies With Benefits calender model search has officially begun! Check out these fliers to see details, times and locations for a number of tryouts held in late April and throughout May.

Buddies With Benefits Model Search 2011 BEGINS!
Buddies With Benefits MODEL SEARCH @ LOOKOUT Every Sunday April 25 - May 23 Buddies With Benefits MODEL SEARCH @ POWERHOUSE Wed, May 5th 9PM - 11PM Buddies With Benefits MODEL SEARCH @ THE MIX Saturday May 8th, 5PM - 7PM Buddies With Benefits MODEL SEARCH @ TRIGGER Friday May 21, 10PM - 12AM
Buddies With Benefits Model Search 2011 BEGINS!

Lord Martine Global

I customized and set up after the client chose the base WordPress theme, as well as provided a basic instructional document to assist the client with getting started. Updates still in progress.

Lord Martine Global

Aquatic Birthday Bash / Fundraiser @ TRIGGER

Aquatic Birthday Bash / Fundraiser

Advertisement for Aquatic Birthday Bash / Fundraiser held March 12, 2010 @ TRIGGER (2344 Market Street, San Francisco CA). Visuals provided: Pisces symbol. Created with Photoshop and Illustrator CS3.

CLIENT: Steven Funk

SFGSL Fundraiser for the Rockstars @ TRIGGER

Rockstars Fundraiser

Flier and print ad (Gloss Magazine) for a fundraiser benefiting the San Francisco Gay Softball League team called the Rockstars.

CLIENT: Rockstars
CONTACT: Steven Tashiro

LIME Valentine’s / Presidents Day Weekend 2010

LIME Valentine's / Presidents Day Weekend 2010

On-site poster and print ad (Gloss Magazine) for the Lime (2247 Market, San Francisco CA) Valentine’s / Presidents Day Weekend. Visual provided: Lime logo.

CLIENT: Greg Bronstein
CONTACT: Lord Martine

TRIGGER Fridays – Gentlemen’s Caberet


On-site oversize Poster and print ad (Gloss Magazine) for a regular Friday event @ TRIGGER (2344 Market Street San Francisco CA). Client provided no visuals. Requested something that simultaneously conjured drag queens, sexy boys and a gentlemen’s cabaret.

CLIENT: Greg Bronstein
CONTACT: Lord Martine

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Landing back in San Francisco in 1994, graphic designer Sean Brennan, immediately went native and started his own design studio: PXLFORGE. As a graphic artist with years of experience designing for media platforms ranging from print and the www to DVD interface and 3D product design, Sean and PXLFORGE handle projects large and small.

Recently Sean's work has been seen all over bus stops and bulletin boards in San Francisco's Castro in the form of ads, posters and logo designs for TRIGGER, Comedy in the Castro, Buddies with Benefits, Forward March, ACTIVATE! AsiaSF, the New BOC - Bar on Church and Lord Martine Global.

Sean was the designer of PALz - a line of block-figure toys from the now defunct Palisades Toys based on popular Fox properties Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the X-Files. He also worked as a production artist on the 900+ screens of the deluxe Lord of the Rings trilogy DVD collection.