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Social Dashboard 3DLogotype

Had to create a 3D look in Maya on a shoestring budget but managed to get the polished chrome to reflect a custom HDRI map to get this result…

Social Dashboard 3D logo

Buddies With Benefits 2010 – Promotional Card

Buddies With Benefits 2010 - Promotional Card

To design this promotional card for the 2010 Buddies With Benefits Calendar (sponsored by Lord Martine and Bud Light), I took the group shot provided by photographer Barry Muniz and did a bit of Photoshop magic to extend the industrial background up far enough behind the red scaffolding to make room for our logo.


This is a Flash animation that was a shortcut to a number of spots on my old website. SOME of the images embedded within are currently dead, but I’m working on updating the links to posts on this new blog version of PXLFORGE.

[swfobj src="" allowfullscreen="true"]

Buddies With Benefits Model Search 2011 BEGINS!

It’s nearing Summer 2010 so the time has come to search anew for 12 studs hot enough to admire all month long. The annual Buddies With Benefits calender model search has officially begun! Check out these fliers to see details, times and locations for a number of tryouts held in late April and throughout May.

Buddies With Benefits Model Search 2011 BEGINS!
Buddies With Benefits MODEL SEARCH @ LOOKOUT Every Sunday April 25 - May 23 Buddies With Benefits MODEL SEARCH @ POWERHOUSE Wed, May 5th 9PM - 11PM Buddies With Benefits MODEL SEARCH @ THE MIX Saturday May 8th, 5PM - 7PM Buddies With Benefits MODEL SEARCH @ TRIGGER Friday May 21, 10PM - 12AM
Buddies With Benefits Model Search 2011 BEGINS!

Lord Martine Global

I customized and set up after the client chose the base WordPress theme, as well as provided a basic instructional document to assist the client with getting started. Updates still in progress.

Lord Martine Global

Aquatic Birthday Bash / Fundraiser @ TRIGGER

Aquatic Birthday Bash / Fundraiser

Advertisement for Aquatic Birthday Bash / Fundraiser held March 12, 2010 @ TRIGGER (2344 Market Street, San Francisco CA). Visuals provided: Pisces symbol. Created with Photoshop and Illustrator CS3.

CLIENT: Steven Funk

SFGSL Fundraiser for the Rockstars @ TRIGGER

Rockstars Fundraiser

Flier and print ad (Gloss Magazine) for a fundraiser benefiting the San Francisco Gay Softball League team called the Rockstars.

CLIENT: Rockstars
CONTACT: Steven Tashiro

Updated New Home Inc. with Intro Animation

New Home Inc.

The New Home Inc. website previously designed by PXLFORGE has been updated with a brand new interactive Flash animation explaining the functionality of the site being developed. Check it out at

CLIENT: New Home Inc.

The Mansion

This is a rendering of a 3D mansion created in Maya. It was created for an explorable game level built using the Unreal engine. The original design called for some smuttier imagery but I wanted a rendered version with a more classic illustration.

3D mansion modeled and raytraced in Maya

Textures and models designed by PXLFORGE. The illustration used for the stained glass window was hand drawn, inked, scanned and colorized in photoshop.

LIME Valentine’s / Presidents Day Weekend 2010

LIME Valentine's / Presidents Day Weekend 2010

On-site poster and print ad (Gloss Magazine) for the Lime (2247 Market, San Francisco CA) Valentine’s / Presidents Day Weekend. Visual provided: Lime logo.

CLIENT: Greg Bronstein
CONTACT: Lord Martine

TRIGGER Fridays – Gentlemen’s Caberet


On-site oversize Poster and print ad (Gloss Magazine) for a regular Friday event @ TRIGGER (2344 Market Street San Francisco CA). Client provided no visuals. Requested something that simultaneously conjured drag queens, sexy boys and a gentlemen’s cabaret.

CLIENT: Greg Bronstein
CONTACT: Lord Martine

ASIA SF’s Valentine’s Day 2010

Asia SF Valentine's Day

On-site poster and print flier for AISA SF’s Valentine’s Day spectacular 2010. I attended with my boyfriednd John for the 2nd year in a row and it was a fantastic night. The food was amazing (watch out for that wasabi) and the show was so much fun. Visuals provided: logo.

CONTACT: Aaron-Christopher Nelson

TRIGGER Valentine’s Day Weekend 2010

TRIGGER Valentine's Day

2 page print advertisement (Gloss Magazine) for TRIGGER’s Valentine’s Day weekend 2010. Visuals provided: DJ photos.

CLIENT: Greg Bronstein
CONTACT: Lord Martine


DJ Claksaarb – Saturdays after 10PM @ TRIGGER

PXLFORGE 2008 Redesign

Even though I’ve decided to take advantage of the built in aspects of WordPress and transform this portfolio using their blogging software, the last incarnation of this site (which I built from scratch using Flash) is still available online.

2008 PXLFORGE redesign

New Year’s Eve Crossover @ TRIGGER & Lime

New Year's EVE @ TRIGGER

Lime NYE 2009

Lime New Years Eve 2009

On-site poster and flier menu for the Lime (2247 Market, San Francisco CA) New Year’s Eve. Visual provided: Lime logo.

CLIENT: Greg Bronstein
CONTACT: Lord Martine

New Year’s Eve @ TRIGGER

Exceptional Fridays @ TRIGGER

Exceptional Fridays @ TRIGGER

On-site oversize poster and 2 page print advertisement (Gloss Magazine) for the Absolute Vodka sponsored Exceptional Fridays @ TRIGGER.

CLIENT: Greg Bronstein
CONTACT: Lord Martine

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Landing back in San Francisco in 1994, graphic designer Sean Brennan, immediately went native and started his own design studio: PXLFORGE. As a graphic artist with years of experience designing for media platforms ranging from print and the www to DVD interface and 3D product design, Sean and PXLFORGE handle projects large and small.

Recently Sean's work has been seen all over bus stops and bulletin boards in San Francisco's Castro in the form of ads, posters and logo designs for TRIGGER, Comedy in the Castro, Buddies with Benefits, Forward March, ACTIVATE! AsiaSF, the New BOC - Bar on Church and Lord Martine Global.

Sean was the designer of PALz - a line of block-figure toys from the now defunct Palisades Toys based on popular Fox properties Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the X-Files. He also worked as a production artist on the 900+ screens of the deluxe Lord of the Rings trilogy DVD collection.