These character designs are for 2 members of a team called The Guard. Hera is actually Hera of myth. Unlike her fellow Olympians, she was an emissary representing an alien pantheon when she first met Zeus who was immediately taken with her and gave her the gift of immortality on their wedding day. But the honeymoon didn’t last. Hera dumped her cheating hubby and due to fine print she added to the wedding contract she got Olympus in the divorce, leaving Zeus and his brood to go live with brother Hades in his infernal realm.

Hera and The Olympian

Olympian was a magically aged boy driven into a rage by grief, when Hera first found him. She remains unaware of his true origins, and has since engaged in an ongoing romantic relationship. If Olympian remembers his true identity he has never said anything. His strength and speed led Hera to find him a suitable candidate for breeding. they have 2 children.